Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Photography Contest by An Old-Fashioned Girl

Johanna at An Old-Fashioned Girl is having a photography contest, and I thought it would be fun to enter! I love photography, and my favorite thing to take pictures of is flowers, which just happens to be the theme of this contest. :-) It is stunning to me how many different kinds of flowers there are and and how beautiful they are!! These pictures are from last summer except the cherry blossoms, which are from this spring at my parents house. I hope you enjoy looking at them! :-)


Jenna said...

What lovely photographs! I love the vibrant colors in the last one.
I hope you are having a blessed day!

Many Blessings,

Shannon said...

Beautiful flowers, God's creation is so lovely, and yet it is only a small glimpse of His glory! You have a wonderful gift of capturing His works....

Your Sister In Christ,


Anna Eddy said...

Good job on the pics, Britt! ;o)

Rachel said...

Very pretty, Britt!
Hey I didn't think we were gonna be able to go, but we did end up walking last night. To bad you couldn't come. It was Edna, Ruby, Sue and us. Mom and Ida walked together tho... they walk a little slower than the rest of us. Ttyl!

Laura said...

I LOVE them all but the last one is my favorite!

PS I love your song on here! :-)
"I'm a little more country than that!"

Brittany said...

Thanks everybody! :-) I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures!
I wish I could have gone too Rachel. Maybe you'll be able to do it again sometime soon on an afternoon! :-)
Laura, I LOVE that song too!!!! :-)