Saturday, May 22, 2010

Birthday Boots from my Sweet Husband! ♥

Today Josh and I went to the cute little town of Charm ( I love that name- total tourist trap haha). He needed new shoelaces for his work boots, so we went to Charm Boot & Harness. I love going to this store, because they have all kinds of beautiful riding tack, and all sorts of lovely cowboy type things. :-) Unfortunately I forgot my camera. :-(
Anyway, while we were there I started looking at the cowgirl boots, and I saw a pair almost right away that I LOVED. I wasn't going to say much about them though, because they were expensive, but I did tell Josh that I had been looking at the cowgirl boots and they had some really nice ones. After he had what he needed, he said he wanted to go see the boots, so I took him over there and we ended up each trying on a few pairs. It was fun! :-) In the end, my sweet man told me that since it is almost my birthday he would get me those lovely boots! Here they are!

Aren't they lovely??!!! :-)


Marci said...

I'm glad he bought them for you. Happy Birthday!!

Frannie said...

That was very sweet! And yes, they are lovely! Thank you for entering my giveaway and for following! How long have you been married? And happy early birthday!

God bless you,

Rachel said...

Awww, what a sweet gift, Britt!! I'm sure you'll enjoy them.

Mrs. G said...

Happy Birthday! If you're close to Charm then we are practically neighbors! :-)
Mrs. G

-Brad- said...

Yes, they are cool! NICE!
Happy Birthday Britt!

Amanda said...

Hello, Brittany!

I LOVE your boots! Too cute. :) I hope you had a great birthday, and hope ya'll are doing well. Do ya'll have a garden this year? Thanks so much for all your prayers for us to find a piece of property- we did! 45 acres!!! :) Now we just have to clear a place for a trailer (it's all pine trees) and find a trailer! :)

God Bless!
Have a great Lord's Day.

Amanda :)