Monday, February 21, 2011

Adventures in Laundry

Last week, my dryer broke. Now, if it had been during the Spring, Summer, or Fall, that would have been ok, because I have a (somewhat small) clothesline. BUT, it's in the middle of winter. I decided to try the clothesline anyway.....

.... and by the time I had these few things hung up, they were already frozen stiff! And so were my fingers! :-) I WILL say that even when your laundry hangs on a line in single digit weather for roughly 24 hours, and gets frozen solid, and THEN you bring it in and hang it from your ceiling fan (which is turned on), EVEN after ALL that, it still smells good, like laundry hung out on a sunny summer day to be dried in the fresh air. :-)  
 I WISH I'd taken pictures of our laundry spinning slowly around on our bedroom ceiling fan, but I didn't. It was pretty funny, and more than once it scared me when I glanced down the hallway and saw movement where there usually isn't any. ;-) 

 The point of this post, however, is just to say that God is good, and blesses us with even the unimportant things at times. Our landlord found a brand new dryer for a great price and got it for us, and now I can do all of our laundry without overloading our ceiling fan. :-) 

And before I go, Cleo says hi!!! :-)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

About: Going to the Gym!

Josh and I just started going to the gym. We are going to try and do it everyday for the foreseeable future. I'm happy and excited about it! I really am. I am SO out of shape compared to how I was when I was working on my family's farm every day.


After two days of going to the gym, I feel like this:

And I want to do this:

I know things will get easier as we go along, I just hope it gets easier fast!