Thursday, May 20, 2010

Photo Contest- Water

Hannah at Find That Creative Spark sweetly invited me to enter her photography contest, so here goes! The theme is water/streams. The rule is that you can only edit one thing on each picture.
I love the beach, so most of my "water" pictures are of the ocean. :-) Here are my three entries. I hope you enjoy them!


Shannon said...

Lovely pictures, the water looks so refreshing! So thankful for the blessing of the beach, a wonderful enjoyment for me and my family given from the Lord, and a wonderful example of His majesty....

Your Sister In Christ,

The Dearborn Family said...

It's so interesting how different the beaches there look compared to here! I love the pics; it makes me miss the soft sand that stretches forever!

Laura said...

I love the beach pictures you took! You are a very talented photographer!
The beach is one of my very favorite places to be as well. :)It is so peaceful there!