Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my Dad's birthday, so I wanted to write a post in honor of him. :-) I think I have the best Dad in the world. He loves the Lord,he love my mom, he loves his family, he works hard, he is always honest, he spends time with all of us kids, and always makes sure that he sets aside some time throughout the year to do something really special and fun with us. He takes his role as the leader and protector of our family very seriously. It is through his leading and protecting of my heart that I am now very happily married to the man of my dreams, without having ever had a broken heart, or wasting my time and my affections on a man that wasn't in God's plan for me. Thank you Dad, for that.

This picture was taken right after Josh proposed to me. :-)

Some of my sweetest memories of time with my dad are from our trips to Callaway Gardens in Georgia for Vision Forum's Father & Daughter Retreat. We talked about all sorts of things, enjoyed the breathtaking beauty of the gardens, were challenged and encouraged by the teaching, and spent hours together just having fun. I am so thankful for those times!

My dad also has a wonderful sense of humor! He can make anything funny if he wants to. :-) Another great memory I have from growing up is the "Pajama Contests" that I was always was too chicken to enter but LOVED to watch! :-)

I remember cuddling with my dad on the couch listening to Christmas music this time of year, or laying on the floor looking up at the Christmas tree with him. Christmas is my favorite time of year because of all of the w0nderful memories I have from Christmases growing up.

I remember sitting around our dining room table, or the living room, talking and dreaming about moving to Tennessee and all the things we wanted to do there. That is still a dream and I hope that it will come true soon!

So Happy Birthday to my loving, godly, strong, hardworking DAD! :-) I love you! ♥


LadySnow said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad!

Rachel said...

I loved the post, Britt!

Marci said...

Happy Birthday Old Man!!! :) One of your BEST friends!!

Anna Grace said...

HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY, MR. B!!!
Brittany, this was a wonderful post, and the pictures were so special! :)
Pray you are doing well!
Anna :)