Monday, November 2, 2009


This morning I am missing my family. I was just sitting here reading my bible and thinking, and I started thinking about them, and all of the sudden the tears started to flow. I thought I would go through some if my pictures and share some of what I was thinking about with you. :-)

I was remembering cuddling with Brason and how funny he can be.

I was remembering dancing with Berakah and thinking about how precious and sweet she is.

I was thinking about how Providence is growing up so fast and I am missing out on it.

I was thinking about Brianna and Bethany, and wishing I was there to see them turning into little women.

I was thinking of Bo, and how cute he is, and some of the funny things he says.

I was thinking about Ben and all the times we used to spend outside after dark singing at the top of our lungs and talking about EVERYTHING.

I was thinking about Brandon, and how we used to talk for hours, and missing his teasing.

I was missing my Dad, and remembering all the special time we spent together. Thank you Dad for doing that. I'll cherish those times forever.

I was thinking how great a hug from my mom would be.

I love you all so much! Hopefully we can see each other soon. I'm praying you will be able to move to Tennessee soon so we can be closer together!


Marci said...

Big hugs to you Brittany!!!! I pray that the Tennessee move would happen quickly as well.

LadySnow said...


Rachel said...

Lots of hugs Britt! I hope you're able to move soon too. Although I really don't want you to... it'll mean you won't be close by anymore. (((tears)))

Mrs. Burnsed said...

Hi Brittany this is Mrs.Burnsed...though we've never met, I have had the wonderful priviledge of meeting your precious family (here in Florida)...I'm very thankful that God has crossed our family's paths and hope to one day meet the "big sister" that everyone loves so much!
May God bless

Mia said...

What a sweet post!! ((hugs))
Beautiful wedding pictures!

Michele said...

Hello Brittany,
As you know I also have the privilege of knowing your precious family. I pray that the Lord works so that you can all be close soon. I couldn't help the tears as I read your post. May God bring you close together soon. ((hugs))
Mrs. Hope

The Dearborn Family said...

Aww, it's been so long since I have seen all you guys! Berekah wasn't even born yet!! I have those days too where you just get to missin' all the loved ones. Do you have Skype so you can webcam with them? I find that is GREAT especially with Donna.