Thursday, January 19, 2012

Brother's and Sisters

One of the greatest blessings of living here is that I get to spend lots of time with my younger brothers and sisters!! I've gotten to stay with them a few times while Mom and Dad had to go somewhere, and it's been SO much fun! =) After 3 years away, they've all changed a lot, and it's nice to sort of get to know them again. 

 Bo ~ He's funny, kind, gets lost in his own thoughts a lot, doesn't always pay attention or listen, is a bit of a philosopher. When I took this picture he was in the middle of telling me a story. ;)

Brason ~ He's smart, with a quick wit, mischievous, a bit cocky at times, but still sensitive and soft hearted.  

Bethany ~ Sensitive, quiet, very softhearted, funny, talented and smart.

Brianna ~ Talented, creative, artsy, beautiful, well-read and smart, a dreamer.

Providence ~ Adorable, funny, mischievous, sweet, and did I mention ADORABLE??

 Berakah ~ Cute, mischievous, smart, soft hearted, funny.

Of course I've left out a lot of things... I can't possibly cover everything. I'm just loving my time with them, and I thank the Lord for the opportunity. I really am Richly Blessed.


Rachel said...

What a sweet post Britt! I miss you but I'm glad you get to spend time with your family again. :-)

Grace said...

These are cute pictures Britt! You siblings have REALLY grown up since last time I saw them! :-) I'm glad you get to spend a lot of time with your family. I'm sure its wonderful!

Anonymous said...

You definitely are blessed with wonderful brothers and sisters! They are blessed with a sweet big sister!

Emily Brower said...

I love that last picture. Especially Brianna, Provi and Beri there... really cute positioning.