Friday, January 13, 2012

Ginnie Springs

Over New Year's weekend Josh and I and Ben and Em decided to go camping at Ginnie Springs, which is about 2 hours north of where we live, near Gainesville, Florida.  I'm so glad we did! It was really beautiful, and we had so much fun with Ben and Emily! In the evenings we played Mad Gab (Ben and Emily beat us. Badly.), Clue, and one of mine and Josh's favorites (and now I think one of Ben and Emily's favorites too)- Rail Baron. The park itself was really beautiful, and there were very few other campers, so it was quiet and nice. =)

I wanted to share some of the MANY pictures I took over the weekend. =) I hope you enjoy them!

 This is the main spring. Isn't the water beautiful! We really enjoyed swimming here.

 There are actually two springs under the water in this picture. Josh took some underwater video that I will try and share with you soon! =)

 The "run" where the water from a spring runs out towards the river.

 So much better than a swimming pool!

 Me and Josh swimming. =) 

 Lovebirds. ♥

 Here's one of the other areas with a spring... we didn't swim here but it was sure beautiful!

 This is what the main spring at Ginnie Springs looks like when it's lit up at night! =) Those rocks are a few feet under water, and it's about 20 feet deep in the blue part. There's a huge cave under the rocks. It was so neat!!!

 The road we were camping off of. 

On Sunday we went kayaking. Actually Ben and Em when kayaking and Josh and I went canoeing. ;) I love the look on Em's face! Can you tell it was fun? =) 

 Cypress trees are so cool! I love all the roots on the bank.

 The Santa Fe river. It's beautiful.

 Look at the size of this tree! 

My handsome husband. ♥

 Ben tied Emily's canoe to his on the way back so she could have a rest from rowing. =)

The woods behind our campsite were really pretty! I went out there one evening and did a little exploration. ;) 

Check out this Cypress knee! They are so odd looking! I've rarely seen any that were this big.

 I sat down in front of some of the roots to show you how big they were!

 Enchanted forest! =)

 There were lots of these little dried flowers out there. They're pretty.

We hope to go back and camp there again sometime. Maybe when we are certified to dive! =) Have a wonderful afternoon everyone!


Shannon said...

What lovely pictures! This Spring looks like a beautiful place... my family and I love swimming in springs, enjoying their cool waters and the beautiful creation.


Jean Marie said...

Love all the pictures! That one of Em is definitely a winner. Adore that look she's shooting you. :)

I'm so glad you all had such a wonderful time! The only time I have been to Springs are when it is SOO HOT, and I'd love to go sometime when it would actually be nice to be out in the water! :)

Love you,
~ Jean Marie

Grace said...

Looks like y'all had a lot of fun! :-)