Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Modest Fashion Week ~ Day 3- Yard work clothes.

Today I worked outside most of the day so I wore a denim skirt that I've had for about 3 years ( bought online from Chadwicks for $16.99), and a brown and purple button down blouse that I've had for about 2 years (bought at Tractor Supply for $16.00- I think). The shirt has a little bit of paint on it, which is too bad because it's on of my favorites!

After mowing our yard early this afternoon, I started working on hoeing weeds in the garden. I am very thankful that there was a nice breeze all day so the heat wasn't bad at all! :-) I had fun, although the weeds have gotten out of hand. After hoeing three rows of corn, I borrowed a Mantis Tiller from my husband's parents ( thank you both!!!) and as soon as I'm done here I'm going to go out and finish the rest of the garden with that. :-) It should be MUCH faster!

My shoes today were my husbands Adidas flip flops. :-)

My earrings are silver flowers bought at wal-mart, and I just put my hair up in a clip to keep it out of the way, and for coolness' sake! :-)

This is our dog Bell (the brown and white one), and our neighbor's dog Yeller. They watched me work all afternoon and kept me company when I stopped to take a break. :-)

And this last picture made me think of this verse: "The axe is already laid at the root of the trees; therefore every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire." Matthew 3:10

I hope you enjoyed this! Have a blessed evening!


Shannon said...

I really enjoyed viewing your photos, modesty and lovliness in your clothing which show a desire to surrender fully to the Lord....


Anonymous said...

I like your blouse! Thank-you for commenting on my blog. I love comments!