Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Modest Fashion Week ~ Day 2

Today was VERY HOT and humid!! We have been having some issues with our washer, and today my clothing options were a little limited, so I wore a black skirt which may not have been the coolest choice. :-) It IS one of my favorite skirts though. It's a gift from my dad from Dressbarn and VERY comfortable. :-)

I had a little fun editing this one. :-) My shirt is a hand-me-down from friends- Thanks Anna Eddy! My boots are a birthday present from my husband! :-)

I had left my hair down this morning, but it was too warm so I pulled it back from my face with a barrette. My earrings are a gift from my mom. They were made by her aunt, and they are my favorites! :-)

I hope you all have a blessed evening!!! ♥


Anonymous said...

Lovely outfit! I love the cowboy boots. =)


Luci said...

Hello Miss Brittany,

What a *lovely* outfit! And I absolutley adore your blog/background. =) You are so pretty!


Melody said...

Cute outfit! By the way, I love your hair (though I'm sure it gets annoying when it's such a hot day)!



Lauren said...

Oh what an adorable outfit! I really love your boots, how special your husband gave them to you :)

I'm on the lookout for a good pair of boots myself...


Fiddlin Girl said...

Lovely outfit, Brittany!!

Love the cow boy boots! lol!

In Christ alone,

Anonymous said...

Hello Brittany,
What a blessing to get to see your lovely photos. Glad to see that you are doing well. We miss you lots!
Mrs. Hope

Anna Eddy said...

oh no prob. Britt! ;-) Actually the shirt was given to me from another friend!

Yet said...

The boots are cute and I likeyour hair!!