Friday, July 10, 2009

Florida Trip!

We had a wonderful time in Florida spending time with my family and getting together with friends. While we were there we were able to spend a day in St. Augustine walking around and exploring the fort. The day after that we went to the beach, and also took a tour of a smaller fort that was also built by the Spaniards between 400 and 500 years ago. It was really neat! I loved spending time with my family and talking with my mom. Mom and I were able to go out to lunch together, which was a special blessing. :-) Here are a few of the many pictures that I took. I hope you enjoy them!

Providence's face is so cute in this one! Brason sure loves her!

Mom put spaghetti on her head. :-)

Bethany had her 9th birthday on June 30th while were there.

Brianna made her this dress. Her sewing machine broke right after she started on it so she ended up sewing almost the entire thing by hand! She did a beautiful job!

Brandon didn't want his picture taken....

So cute!I got him when he wasn't paying attention. :-)

There were lots of seashells on the seashore! :-) We enjoyed looking at some really interesting ones.

I zoomed in on Josh while he was swimming in the ocean and caught him making a really funny face! :-)

It was a beautiful day to be on the beach.

This is one of the streets in St. Augustine. The brick roads are really old! You can see where they have been worn down by horses feet.

This is a view of part of the court yard in the fort.

Josh wanted his picture taken in one of the lookouts on the roof of the fort. All of the ones we saw had a sign in front of them that said to stay out. He snuck in there really quick so I could snap his picture and then got out.

Then we walked to another lookout and saw that you are allowed to get in this one so I got my picture in there too. :-)

He is standing on the edge of the wall here. The bottom of the mote is probably 40 feet below.

Mom and Dad and all the kids met us at Pizzalley's in St. Augustine for dinner that night. They have the best pizza I've ever had!

You can tell Beri was tired here! :-)This is the other fort. It's called Fort Matanzas. We had to ride a ferry to get out to it. It was a lot of fun!

We took this picture while we were waiting for the ferry to be ready to leave.
And these are just a few pics of the animals that I took while we were there!

Brason found this injured moth and wanted me to take a picture. :-)

This is my favorite picture of Providence from our trip! She is so cute!
I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family! Josh and I both really enjoyed our visit and are looking forward to seeing them again soon. We also really enjoyed meeting the Stone and Lynn families! I hope we can get together again the next time we come down!
On Independence Day Josh and I were able to go to a Tea Party with my family. It was pretty inspiring and a lot of fun. I have pictures from that too but that will have to be for another post!
I hope you enjoyed these pictures! Have a wonderful blessed day!


Marci said...

Great pictures!!!!! On that picture with Brason and Providence, Brason looks JUST LIKE BEN!!!!

Laura said...

Precious family.
You are indeed, richly blessed.

Maybe you could plan your next Florida trip around the Fall Jamboree or Spring Frolic at Barberville
so we could all DANCE!

{{* *}}

Sharri said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful time with your family--I know they enjoyed it too!
I'm glad you shared the pics on your blog! :)

Anna Grace said...

I second Mrs. Lynn's MUST try to come for Barberville sometime on one of your trips! That'd be grand! It was so nice to see pictures from your trip down here. It was SUCH a pleasure finally getting to meet you!!! Looks like you had a grand time in St. much history there. :)
You are in our prayers. May our Lord continue to guide you together.
~Anna :)

Olivia Christine said...

AWWW! I can't wait to see you again!