Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hello everyone. First of all, I wanted to thank you all for your prayers! I know they helped us a lot through a difficult time. God is good! A friend of mine who has had a couple miscarriages reminded me yesterday that the same God who chose to allow that little life to begin also chose to draw it back to him, that His plan is perfect and he will use every situation for good, and that one day we will get to meet our babies in heaven- just after we get to meet our God face to face and praise Him. What a wonderful day that will be! When I think about it I realize that our baby is actually much better off where he/she is. He never had to go through life in this fallen sinful world, but instead he gets to live every day with the Lord! That's so wonderful. It doesn't take the sadness away completlely, but it is a wonderful comfort!
Josh and I moved from our apartment to a mobile home about a mile from his parents farm in
Utica, OH last weekend. Moving is a lot of work!! This was the first time I've ever moved, besides coming up here with Josh after we got married. It's a lot of work to pack up a whole house and clean and bring it all to a new house and set it all back up and clean some more. I have new respect for those of you that have moved several times! :-) We were very thankful for Josh's dad, who came and helped move all the heavy things, and Marci (Josh's mom) was a big help to me yesterday unpacking the last few things, hanging pictures on the walls, and doing little things that make the house seem much more homey. It was fun to visit with her too! :-) One of the families from church was also kind enough to make us a WONDERFUL supper with VERY GOOD brownies for dessert so that I didn't have to cook while we were trying to get settled into the new house. If you are reading this, thank you very much again!!!! :-) I will post pictures of the new house soon.
Last night Josh and I went an
d played softball with friends, which was a lot of fun. Josh always impresses me with how good he is at that game! He plays ball like he does his work, hard and to the best of his ability- and it shows, both in his work and in his skill in baseball. :-) I'm not very good at playing yet, but I'm learning. It's a lot of fun to do things like that with friends!
Today it is raining, and I am thankful because we have needed some more rain. It'll make my flowers bloom too! :-) One of my favorite things about this hou
se is all the flowers around it. I was hoping to go for a walk this afternoon with my friend Rachel though, so hopefully it won't rain ALL day. :-)
Well I need to go get busy. I hope you all have a wonderful day!! ~ Brittany


Brad-ford said...

Hi Brittany!
Thanks for being my 1st follower and leaving a comment for my Birthday!!!!!

Rachel said...

Hey so much for our storms yesterday afternoon LOL! Oh well, I guess it's better to be safe than sorry. :o) I haven't heard whether or not we're gonna play ball tonight but I'll let you know if we do.
Btw, the piano is working out really good! :o)

Sharri said...

I hope you are snug in your new little home, Marci sent me pics and it looks really nice.
I liked the trees all around it.

How is the kitty adjusting?

Jeff said...

I love you. You make us proud.
Guess who?

Brittany said...

Thank you Sharri! :-) We really like it here. The kitty seems to be adjusting pretty well, although she would rather be in the house instead of on the porch!
I love you too DAD!!!! :-)