Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Goodbye Spring!

So Spring is over down here, and since I took a lot of pictures and never shared them, I thought I'd do a Spring wrap-up post of my favorite ones.... plus I promised Marci I'd post some pictures of the kids... so here they are! ;)
Provy... Also known as Miss Cheeks


One of the new calves.. it was tiny!! And yes, my sisters ARE beautiful! ;)

 I love these two... I mean THREE. *squeal*

Freshly picked blackberries... brings back lots of good childhood memories! =) 

Brason & Caramel the pet calf. 

Mmmmm Jasmine! 

Well I said he was a pet didn't I? ;) So far he's made it all the way into the kitchen once. He thinks he's a dog. haha.  Isn't Provy ADORABLE??!!

Practicing three legged racing. =)

The new pig... her name is Bacon... so yeah.

Three pretty sisters. =) Brianna just turned 14!!

On a different note, please keep Emily and Amanda in your prayers for their pregnancies. They are both doing very well so far praise the Lord! Ben and Em found out recently that they are having a GIRL!! =) Her name is Georgia Rose. I got to see her on a 3D and 4D sonogram and she's already adorable! =) I can't wait to meet her and Brandon and Amanda's little Waylon. The family is growing rapidly!! =)

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Anna said...

Lovely pictures. You have the cutest little siblings!! :-)