Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We've Moved!

It's been WAY to long since I've posted! I just wanted to write a quick update to tell you all that due to a whole bunch of exciting developments in the last few months... WE MOVED TO FLORIDA!!! =D We're staying in our camper temporarily on my parent's property until we find a house, which is a bit of an adventure. Especially with THREE cats. ;) It's fun though... or it will be once we find places for everything so the camper is nice and neat. Still working on that one. ;)

I love living here again. I'd forgotten how much I loved Florida. It's a beautiful state. And I LOVE being near my family again. It's great to just be able to walk across the yard and see them. And Josh and I are both really excited about the main reason we moved down..... Josh is going into business with my dad and brothers Brandon and Ben. They're going to be designing and building outdoor living spaces - kitchens, patios, entertaining spaces with stone fireplaces... it's an exciting opportunity. So far things seem to be falling into place. =) I'm so excited about them all working together!

It was really hard to leave our friends and family in Ohio. We miss them a lot. I especially miss my dear friend- sister, really- Rachel. I'm just thankful for texting! =)

 Well I need to go get stuff done. I'll try and update more often so I don't have to shock you with big announcements like this a week after it happens. ;) Bye from sunny WARM DeLeon Springs Florida! =)


Lauren Brittany said...

yay! Glad you posted. You'll have to keep us updated more often! Maybe even pictures inside your camper after it's nice and neat? ;) I'm hppy you live so close.


Shannon said...

How exciting to be so close to your family now! May the Lord bless you and your husband as you search for a new home!

In Christ,

Seasons of Life said...

Welcome HOME. May He bless the new business and your housing adventures!

Blessings ~

Mrs. Smith

Anonymous said...

Miss you so much Britt! Life just isn't the same around here without ya! ;-(
Love ya!