Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm still here!!

Were you starting to wonder?? I've fallen behind badly in my blogging!

I hope you had a WONDERFUL Christmas and New Years. I sure did! Josh surprised me with a trip to Florida to be with my family down there for the two weeks surrounding Christmas and New Years, and we had a great time. We spent precious time with family and good friends, did some fishing, enjoyed the warmer weather, and spent more wonderful time with family and friends. :-)

(My very excited little sister on Christmas morning) 

I have some great news!!! My brother Brandon ( the one who has been in Afghanistan) is supposed to be home in 34 days! :-D They are letting him come home for the birth of his first baby. ♥ His wife Amanda is Very thankful, as are Mom and Dad and everyone else. :-) The pregnancy is going well for Amanda. The baby is a girl, and her name will be Ashlynn Madison. Pretty, isn't it? ;-) Please pray for safekeeping for my brother this last month that he will be in Afghanistan, and a healthy end of the pregnancy and birth! It's an exciting time!             
(Amanda and her daughter, Keylan)

Are you ready for a LOT of pictures?? :-)

 (The Christmas tree on Christmas morning)

 (My brother Brason just a few days out of a body cast that he had to wear for TWO MONTHS after he broke his leg in October!)

 (My brother Boaz)

 (My handsome brother Ben)

 (My sister Bethany passing out presents :-)

 (My sister Brianna)

 (Dad opening his airsoft rifle from Ben)

 (My two littlest sisters, Beri and Providence) 

 (My cutie-pie niece Keylan with her teddy bear from my brother Brandon, which says " Someone in Afghanistan loves me!" ♥

 (My sister-in-law Amanda, and Keylan again :-)

 (My handsome fisherman husband!)

 (Me. Aaaaannd a BEAUTIFUL sunset!)

 (My handsome man ;-)

 (My handsome brother Benny ;-)

 (My beautiful/handsome wonderful amazing parents) ♥

(Us. Not the BEST picture, but it's the only one of both of us from the trip. ;-)

I have TONS more pictures, but I don't feel like uploading anymore. ;-) It's almost 2:00 am and I SHOULD be in bed. 
 We have been getting some snow for the last two days. It's pretty outside! :-D I'll try and get some pictures tomorrow to share with you. :-) Tomorrow I'm also planning on making some soap. Kelp and Lime with a loofah sponge in the bars. I'm hoping it turnes out good! I noticed this evening that my fans have big dust balls on them. :-/ I'll be cleaning those tomorrow too. Fans collect a LOT of dust! 
 Anyway, I will REALLY try to be more consistent with my blogging, so you should be seeing more of me. :-) Bye for now! ♥


Anonymous said...

In the pic of Beri and Provy, Provy's expression is too cute and cracks me up=) Glad you had a good visit down here and got to see most people ;)

Rachel said...

Hey! I thought maybe you fell off the face of the earth... ok maybe not really, since I just played volleyball with you... so I guess maybe in terms of the "blog world". ha ha ha! Loved seeing the pics! And the pic of you and Josh is so classic... :-)