Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fallapalooza Blog Party ~ And Fall Is Here In Ohio!!!!

Ok, I'm really excited about the Fallapalooza Blog Party going on at Below the Plateau!!! I just posted about it on my other blog, so instead of re-writing it here, ya'll can just head on over there if you want. Don't miss out on the fun! It's going to be a blast. ;-) The giveaway opens for entries on September 22nd - THAT'S ONLY SEVEN DAYS!!! So yeah, go on over there and find out how to enter. :-)


Something else I am VERY excited about is that........... FALL IS HERE!!!! The trees aren't really changing yet (although I have seen a few twinges of color!! :-), but the weather has turned cool, the goldenrod is blooming,

the corn fields are turning from green to yellow,

and I am barely resisting the urge to PLAY CHRISTMAS MUSIC!! (Yes I am one of THOSE people)

My sunflowers are almost done blooming.

I LOVE sunflowers ;-)

The ones this color are my favorite. :-)

For those of you who love in warmer places ( I mean YOU you Florida people ) don't be discouraged, the heat will soon give way to beautiful cooler weather, the pumpkins will be out, the grass will no longer need mowed, the leaves will need raked, and before you know it, Christmas songs will be playing on the radio. :-)

And now, for some pictures of my kitchen, which underwent some re-organization last week. I told my dear friend ( you know who you are ;-) that I would post pictures, so here they are:

This is me ( duh) getting ready to tackle the cabinets....

My lovely apron- a gift from my Aunt Polly :-)

My first victim, I was always struggling to get what I needed out of here.

And here it is finished!! I decided to move my pots and pans here because it was much easier access than the one they have been in. :-) I can even get to my pancake griddle now!! Woohoo!

This is where I used to keep my pots and pans... I like this much better :-) Now to make some sort of curtain to cover the opening. :-/

Can you believe ALL of this came out of these TWO cabinets?? I couldn't. :-)

That's much better. Yes.

And here are all the others all cleaned up! :-) I am very pleased with the results!

And now I must go do some laundry and pick up the house. :-) Have a LOVERLY day girls!!!


Shannon said...

Fall, will it ever be here? I love that season, yet the heat reminds me that it is still far off. But that makes me anticipate it more and give thanks for it! Your cabinits look lovely, and I am sure it feel wonderful to have everything organized.


LadySnow said...

It looks great. I never knew how to best utilize that tiny shelf space to the right of the stove. I always seemed to have the cabinets filled. Haha

Anonymous said...

BRITT!!! I had NO IDEA you posted these pics.... I was waiting on them, and here you already posted them. All I saw was that you had posted something about the giveaway, and that's all I thought was in the post. SO, SO, sorry!!! :-)
You did a wonderful job on your cupboards! ;-) Wanna come do ours??? lol! And I know what you mean, about cramming a million and one things into your cupboards. We were cleaning out our fridge one time when a friend stopped over. We had unloaded everything from the fridge onto the table. When she saw it all, she said it looked like we had a grocery store. lol
Thanks for the post that was just for me... :-)

-Your anonymous friend :-)