Thursday, April 30, 2009

She Does Not Eat The Bread of Idleness!

This is one of the things I struggle with the most. I feel like I'm almost always behind on my housework, and this is even more shameful because I have a very small house and there's only two people in it! I don't want to just get the bare essentials done so that the house isn't a wreck when Josh gets home. I don't want him to smell the trash can when he comes in. I don't want him to walk into our bedroom and say ( or think ) "Man, this room is a mess!". I want this house to be a beautiful inviting place that he can't wait to get back to, not only because I'm here, but because it s a peaceful, sweet smelling, beautiful place where he can come and relax after a hard days work. I don't want him to come in the door at night and wonder what I did all day, I want him to come in the door and think " Wow, it's nice in here!".
Now, I believe that a man's home is his castle. When I think of a castle I think of a beautiful place, well kept, and beautifully decorated. I want to make my husband's castle like that. Decorating is not one of my strong suits, but there are so many inspiring books and articles and magazines out there with so many beautiful ideas that I think even I can create something beautiful here. I do think that it is possible to go way overboard with decorating and organizing. We don't want to have a home that is not inviting and beautiful. It should have a homey, lived in feel as well. A beautiful home that is absolutely perfect in every way is less inviting than a simply but prettily decorated well kept home that shows a few signs of life and wear.
I don't think we have to spend lots of money to make our homes beautiful either! Sometimes the simplest things can make a huge difference. A small bouquet of flowers on the kitchen table can make the whole room look many times better. Just doing basic things, like making sure that the floors are swept, the dishes put away and counters washed, the rugs shook out,the bed made, and the bathroom clean, can do wonders for the overall appearance and feel of the home.
I realize that most of you reading this are probably way ahead of me in this area. I am just writing some of what I have been thinking about for the last couple of days, because I have been convicted in this area. Now I'm going to sign off of this blog because I have a lot of cleaning and reorganizing to do! It's amazing how fast a closet can go from a well organized area to a complete disaster! I have a tendency to hide messes in the closets thinking I will take care of it later and then I never get to it. Well today I'm going to clean them out again and try to keep them that way. Goodbye for now!


LadySnow said... me...I am not ahead of you in this! But trust me...get a hold of it now, because once the children start coming it is a lot harder. lol :-) This is a wonderful post and you are right...our husbands deserve to come home to a house that isn't filled with clutter and such.


Brittany said...

Thank you for the encouragement! Yeah I'm trying to get in the habit of keeping everything organized and clean now so that it's not so hard when I have kids. :-)

Ginny said...

Nice blog, darling. One helpful hint would be to get in the habit of not having so much stuff! I know I talked about that when you were here and I really think that is the key. Keep up the good work!

Marci said...

I used to be on the ball in this area. Anymore, it seems that it has gone too far by the wayside. I agree with Ginny... Too much stuff makes it hard to keep.

Brittany said...

I agree. Too much stuff makes it almost impossible to keep everything looking nice. I know at home before I was married I would try to help keep the house cleaned up but there was so much stuff that sometimes it was overwhelming.

Sharri said...

Another great post!

I find that little touches make things homey--like a soft quilt on the back of the couch in the winter that you can cozy up in...
(I picked up several at Goodwill--my family loves them!)
Also, nice soft pillows on the couch too. :)
I often try to make things do double napkins for instance. I not only use them as napkins, but I will take seasonal ones and place them under a lamp on the end table next to the couch--changes the whole room!

I agree with these other ladies...too much stuff is a headache! It takes too much time to sort it, and dust it, etc... and, too much stresses you out! :)